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Deploy Middle tier

The middle tier will be automatically deployed if the installer run in action mode "install", which is the default.

If there already exist a database and a middle tier needs to be deployed for the existing database, the installer can run in action mode "mtinstaller", to deploy only the middle tier.

There is no difference in applying a fresh install of middle tier and applying a configuration change to the middle tier. The mtinstaller will make sure that what is in your ifscloud-values.yaml and soultionset.yaml is what will be running after the installer has run.

Important - if you don't pass all parameters onto an already deployed middle tier, the configuration that is not passed to the installer will be removed, so it is important to always supply all configuration parameters every time the installer is run.

.\installer.cmd --set action=mtinstaller 

Note that the installer will find ifscloud-values.yaml and the solutionset.yaml if named and placed correctly in the remote folder structure. ..\..\..\ifscloud-values.yaml and .\solutionset.yaml relativ from the installer.