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Aurena Agent

IFS Aurena Agent is a local client software that enables local-PC specific functions such as printing, specific file-location storage, and launch of locally installed software.

Since the Aurena client is web-based, it lacks support for typical client operations such as opening files with the associated application or printing directly to a local printer. The Aurena Agent will add these capabilities and more. It can store configuration in the registry of the client machine, check the existence of, and create or remove, local files. It can even execute macros to start applications etc.

Limitations and Restrictions

IFS Aurena Agent consists of two parts, a Windows-native application and Google Chrome browser extension, which are both needed for it to work. IFS Aurena Agent works on Microsoft Windows only. If the Agent is not installed, all pages with Agent support will revert to web-only behavior that will be adequate in most cases.

When uploading and downloading files, UNC/network paths are not supported. Aurena Agent supports local paths or mapped network paths (a drive letter is needed). This is mostly relevant for Document Management.


A list of server URLs and accepted SSL certificates must be provided to enable IFS Aurena agent. IFS Aurena Agent will not function on web-sites that are not in the list.

The URL and Certificate are defined at installation time. See installation details below.