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Aurena Agent

IFS Aurena Agent is a client software that unlocks native functionality in the IFS Aurena Client.

Since the Aurena client is web-based, it lacks support for typical client operations, such as open files with the associated application or printing directly to a local printer. The Aurena Agent will add these capabilities and more. It can store configuration in the registry of the client machine, check the existence of and create or remove local files. It can even execute macros to start applications etc. This is very powerful, but also dangerous from a security perspective. Therefore the functionality has been secured behind multiple limitations and restrictions. These will make the installation slightly more complicated to support but not difficult to the end-users.

Limitations and Restrictions

The Aurena Agent is a windows only application and we can therefore not support it on Linux, Mac or Mobile devices. It communicates with Aurena via a Chrome Extension which will limit it to the Chrome Browser only. If you are running this combination, you can take advantage of the Aurena Agent functionality. If the Agent is not installed, all pages with Agent support will fall back on web-only behavior which will be adequate in most cases.

Security Concerns

A web application is typically completely shielded from accessing the client machine. This is for a good reason. Otherwise it be the common way for virus makers and hackers to access your data and cause all sorts of havoc. Since the Aurena Agent essentially will remove this barrier it is important to put security measures in place. The following security limitations are in place

  1. Will only work over HTTPS
  2. Will only work against a predefined list of server URLs
  3. Will only work against a predefined list of SSL Certificates

The URL and Certificate is defined at installation time. See the installation details below.