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Service Access Studio🆕


Service Access Studio allows users to integrate and extend services outside of IFS Cloud in a seamless and secure manner. This platform empowers customers with the ability to interface their Cloud Environments with additional products & services across the industry to boost service capabilities and business needs.

How to Add a Service?

The 'Go to Service Access Studio' button (Figure 1) is visible in the 'Manage Deployments' page for Cloud customers who have purchased the ESG solution. By clicking on this button, you will be navigated to the Service Access Studio.

Figure 1 - Go to Service Access Studio Button

The 'Add Service' button (Figure 2) on the Service Access Studio page allows you to start adding the available services.

Figure 2 - Add Service Button

Clicking on 'Add a Service', will take you to a stepper view where you are able to navigate through the process of adding your services to use place environments. Initially, you will see the 'Choose a Service' step where you are required to select the service you wish to add (Figure 3).

Select the service and click Continue button to register the selected service.


Currently, the only available service is the IFS Cloud Emissions Tracker.

Figure 3 - Adding IFS Cloud Emissions Tracker

Refer IFS Emission Tracker - Service Access Studio Steps for more information on how to configure the rest of the configurations to setup the service.