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Configure Servers

Servers can be managed in Setup IFS Connect window. This is located in Solution Manger / Integration / IFS Connect.

Configure Servers

Currently there is one server available in IFS Connect setup. This is a J2EE Server.

J2EE Server configures behavior of the IFS Connect framework running within the actual Connect Container, i.e. Message Router, Batch Processor and Reader Framework. This is only possible to have one instance of this type.

Configure J2EE Server

    Tick to enable Content Based Routing on Error. If enabled a new Application Message will be created on failure during background processing of messages. This message will contain detailed information about the failed message and also the message itself, if its size in kB is not greater then defined by the CBR_ON_ERROR_MAX_SIZE parameter.
    This functionality can be very useful for monitoring purpose. It is necessary to create suitable Outbound Routing Rule(s) from APPLICATION_MESSAGE that will route such messages. MESSAGE_TYPE has to be defined to be equal APPLICATION_ERROR.
    An example of such message:
    Defines the maximum size in kB of the original message to attach to error message. If actual message size is greater than the maximum size the message will not be included.
    Default work timeout in seconds for execution of native code. Read more about work managers.
    For some none-fatal Oracle errors during execution of PL/SQL method, Batch Processor can make some more attempts after some time before placing the message in state FAILED. This parameter defines maximum number of such attempts.
    Following Oracle errors can cause Batch Processor to retry the operation:
    ORA-00054 - resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT specified or timeout expired
    ORA-00060 - deadlock detected while waiting for resource
    ORA-04021 - timeout occurred while waiting to lock object
    ORA-04061 - existing state of package has been invalidated
    ORA-04065 - not executed, altered or dropped package
    ORA-04068 - existing state of package has been discarded
    - raised from Error_SYS.Record_Locked and Error_SYS.Fnd_Record_Locked
    The number of seconds between each attempt. .