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The Aurena Native Apps Configuration Guide is the document for System Administrators for configuring Aurena Native applications.


  • Synchronization Rules
    Shows all Aurena Native application specific entities and their corresponding batch synchronization frequencies.
  • Ignored Error Types
    Shows the list of errors that should be ignored if an Aurena Native transaction fails on synchronizing.
  • Application Parameters
    Shows the available system parameters per Aurena Native application.
  • Entity Details
    This can be used to view entity fields and add custom fields to synchronize per Aurena Native application.
  • Document Classes
    Shows which document classes are to be used in Aurena Native application.
  • Apps for Page Designer
    Shows the Aurena Native apps that are installed and UI changes can be done.
  • Notify Me Parameters
    Shows the parameters that exist for a certain notification
  • Grouped Push User Filter
    Shows grouped push user filters that are used in the data collection process for the grouped push entities and Aurena Native users.
  • Synchronization Service Properties
    Shows what the logging levels are for the Aurena Native Server Nodes. The logging levels could be changed.
  • Synchronization Triggers
    Shows Oracle triggers for Push and Batch and for On Change type Synchronization Rules.
  • Background Processing
    Explains the database tasks and queues that are provided with IFS Aurena Native Client Framework.
  • Appearance Designer for Aurena Native Apps
    Explains how Appearance Designer for Aurena Native apps is set up in order to change the appearance on an app.
  • Supported Barcode Fonts
    Shows which barcode fonts that is supported in the Aurena Native Apps.