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Synchronization Triggers

The Synchronization Triggers shows Oracle triggers for Push and Batch and for On Change synchronization rules.

The triggers are categorized into two types:

  • Push
  • On Change

Synchronization Triggers with the Type of "Push" are mandatory for Push And Batch type synchronization rules for the Aurena Native application.

Synchronization Triggers with the Type of "On Change" are deployed for synchronization rules that have On Change type Synchronization schedules for the Aurena Native application.

Each Push and Batch Entity will have a Synchronization Trigger associated with its Logical Unit that will execute on New, Update and Delete. These changes are processed via Push synchronization which uses Synchronization Triggers to generate a Push Queue record for the User/Device/Application/Entity to synchronize the data.

Each Synchronization Trigger will execute a SQL statement that will create the Push Queue record.

Each Synchronization Trigger consists of a guard condition that will prevent the unnecessary creation of Push Queue record when no data should be pushed to an Aurena Native application. The Push Queue record records are then processed via a Database Process which will check the Ownership Query defined in Entity Details to determine which User to send the data to and will create a Synchronization Task to process the Push Queue record. If for some reason the Ownership Query returns no data then the Entity will be processed later via the Batch synchronization process as defined above.

Note: It is important that these Synchronization Triggers should not disabled or altered in anyway otherwise the Push synchronization process will not work as expected.

Action Commands

Disable All Triggers

The action Disable All Triggers will disable all or the selected triggers.

Enable All Triggers

The action Enable All Triggers will enable all or the selected triggers.