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Element Designer

The element designer allows you to create new and configure elements. The tools has three areas. The Properties sections, the Preview and the Element Browser.

Properties Sections

There are a lot of properties that can be set on an element. They are divided into groups, Layout, Data, Navigation, Formatting and Information.
The Layout, Form Mapping and Information looks the same for all elements but the rest are dependent of the element type.


These properties are common for all element types

Property Description
Name The name of the element
Title The element title. Searchable in the Element Browser
Title Visibility Shows/hides the title.
Size The size of the element
Color Style The background color and foreground color will apply depend on the element type


These properties are common for all element types

Property Description
Author The author of the element. Searchable in the Element Browser.
Keywords Element keywords. Searchable in the Element Browser
Descriptive Text Description of the element.
Last Modified The date when the element was last modified.
Presentation Object This elements presentation object id.
Protect Configuration A way to mark the element protected to show others that they should make a copy and make the changes to that copy.


This section is useful to verify whether the created Element is working properly. Using the "Preview" button, it's possible to run the element's Data Source query and check whether the element shows the set of data that's received. There can be some Data Sources which includes Parameters. Using the "Parameters" drop down it's possible to change the values of the parameters and preview the element.

Translations of texts can be made by using the "Translation" button. See more about Translations here.

Elements can be exported to XML do that by using the "Export" button. Elements can also be imported do that by using the "Import" button.

Element Browser

The Element Browser shows all elements in the repository. Each element type has it's own section, the section consist of the element type name and the number of elements in that section. To select an element click on the element in the Element Browser. The selected element will now be opened in the Element Designer. A section can be expanded and collapsed by clicking the arrow to the left of the section name..

The Element Browser has an option to search for all types of elements. To search for an element, type the search criteria in the search textbox. The search result will be shown instantly. The search functionality has the following search criteria:

  • Search for the element's name
  • Search for a author e.g. "author: <author name>"
  • Search for a Data Source e.g. "ds: <data source name>"
  • Search for a element type e.g. "tp: Chart"

Used In Pages

If the selected element is used in a Page a button "Used In" will show a number indicating in how many pages the current element is in. Clicking "Used In" button will open up a dialog where it’s possible to navigate to the Lobby Pages.