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Aurena Agent

Aurena Agent API

Command Name Parameters (optional) Comment Tested
Echo (text) Mostly useful for simple testing of the agent. Will return the text you send in. It will return "Say something!" if no text was sent. OK
GetLocalProperty domain, name Gets the value of a local property or setting, in a certain domain/path OK
SetLocalProperty domain, name, value Sets a local property or setting, in a certain domain/path OK
GetLocalFolder folder Gets a special  folder  from the client. Available folders:
Contacts, Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Favorites,
Links, Music, Pictures, SavedGames, SavedSearches,
Videos, Appdata, LocalAppdata
ChooseLocalFolder  description Lets the user select a folder with a browse dialog.   
ChooseLocalFile title, folder, filter folder  is string representing the path to open. If left out it will use Downloads and if set to "Default" it will open the last used folder.
filter  example: Image Files
Download odata, filename, (setreadonly, overwritereadonly) Download a binary stream to a local file.  odata  is the URL to the field to download. The URL can optionally be prefixed by the projection/svc, like this: "MyProjection.svc/MyEntitySet..."  
Upload odata, filename, (removefile) Upload a file to a BLOB in an entityset record. Also supports an optional projection/svc. OK
OpenFile filename Open a local file with its associated application  
DownloadAndOpen odata, filename, (setreadonly, overwritereadonly) Download and OpenFile combined OK
DownloadAndSend odata, filename, subject, body, (setreadonly, overwritereadonly) Send a downloaded file by e-mail OK
DownloadAndPrint odata, filename Print a downloaded file  
DownladAndPrintTo odata, filename, printer ... to a named printer  
EnumeratePrinters   Get all printer names  
GetPrinterInfo printer Get printer information  
ShowBalloon title, message Temporary show a balloon (message) in Windows (like Windows' notifications)  
Wait time Mostly useful for testing how slow commands work  
FileExists path Check if a local file or folder exists. Returns the strings TRUE or FALSE. OK
RunLocalMacro mainfunction, macrocode, localfilename, localpath, macroattributes Runs a VBScript macro on the local machine. OK 
RemoveCheckedOutFile docclass, docno, docsheet, docrev Removes a file that was previously checked out to disk