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How to invoke an external Web Services

How to configure an external Web Service destination

External Web Services can be invoked by using the HTTP sender that is part of the IFS Connect
framework in IFS Middleware Server.

Following elements are involved in an external Web Service invocation.

  1. An outbound Message that is invoked from the PLSQL Access Provider.
  2. Via the Message Routing a HTTP/HTTPs call to a external Web Service can be configured.
    See the Destination address picture below.
    Message can be transformed to any format and any format of a SOAP Envelope can be used.
  3. The HTTP Sender uses HTTP-post for the delivery to the external Web Service.
    OUTBOUND_REQUEST: The response from the external Web Service will be returned the whole way back to the caller.
    OUTBOUND: Only some kind of a delivery response is required. It will set the state of our message in the queue to finished.

This picture shows all elements that are involved in an external Web service call.

This picture shows an example of a destination address that is configured to call an external Web Service