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Source Code Files

Source code files are all the files used to build the base server part of the application. Source code file can be divided into model files and code files. Model files contains the model for Entity, Enumeration, Utility and Searchdomain. Code files contains additions and changes to the business logic, changes to the views or changes to database objects.

For more details as to what can be done in the different files and layers, please read:

The source code files for Base layer will be created from the model at code generation. The Base source code files can only be modified from the model itself. Changes done to the generated files will be overwritten during the next code generation. In addition to the model, more business logic, views and storage objects could be added in the source code files for layers higher than the base layer in the hierarchy. The source code files for all layers will be considered in the code generation and be part of the deployable files.

Code source files are stored in <component>\source\<component>\database folder.  Model source files are stored in <component>\model\<component>\ folder.

Naming Standard

Naming standard of the source files depends on in which layer it resides. Customization layer has -Cust in the file name. The file name before first hyphen connect the different file types together between the layers.

Example to describe the name standard: Sample.entity

Core layer


Customization layer

model\<component>\Sample -Cust.entity
source\<component>\database\Sample -Cust.plsql
source\<component>\database\Sample -Cust.views