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Renaming Server Files

In IFSAPP8 all server files which are on disc have been renamed. The renaming of files can be done before or after the reverse engineering of models, but preferably it should be done before.

api/apy files

Api and apy files have been renamed to the same name as the LU name. If you have an LU called InstantInvoice and the files on disc are named Instinv.api and Instinv.apy, you should rename the files on disc to InstantInvoice.api and InstantInvoice.apy.

Please note that you also need also to go through the deploy.ini file and change to the new names as well.

rdf files

Rdf files have been renamed as the same name as the reports LU name. If you have a report called SupplierTrialBalance and the file on disc is named Supptrialb.rdf, you should rename the rdf file on disc  SupplierTrialBalance.rdf.