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Configure Scheduled Tasks

This page describes the tasks that are supposed to be scheduled when configuring a new installed system before taking it into operation.

In the form General/Schedule Tasks make sure to set or verify the Foundation1 predefined Scheduled Tasks.

Scheduled task Description Scheduling recommendation Comment
Gather Statistics This task gathers statistics about all tables and indexes in the Application owner / Info Owner schemas. Optionally it gathers statistics for Oracle dictionary tables and Oracle Fixed Objects (Dynamic Performance Tables).

In Oracle12c it is recommended to gather statistics about Oracle dictionary tables. Statistics of Oracle Fixed Objects recommended to be gathered once after a major installation (fresh install / upgrade) and not always.

The statistics collected is used by Oracle cost based optimizer to produce the best execution plans for all queries.
Once a week for a new installation
Once a month for a stable installation
Oracle12c have predefined jobs/tasks for gathering statistics.
Heavy Cleanup Heavy cleanup remove data from Print Jobs, Archived Print Jobs, History log data, Scheduled Tasks and Event messages. Once a night Scheduled upon installation
Light Cleanup Light cleanup removes data from Background Jobs, Foundation1 Session information. Every tenth minute Scheduled upon installation
Validate Indexes Validates indexes and checks for rebuild index candidates.
Note: This script can cause hangings if used when user activity is high.
Once a month  
Rebuild Indexes Rebuilds bad indexes checked by Validate Indexes. Should run after Validate Indexes.
Note: This script can cause hangings if used when user activity is high.
Once a month  
Foundation1 Monitoring Checks all active Monitoring entries against their warning limits. Triggers an event if warning limit is reached. Once a day  
Validate Timespan Users Checks if the user account should be activated or deactivated dependent of an interval set on each users. Once a night (at midnight) Scheduled upon installation
Shrink LOB segments Shrink LOB segments to reduce the tablespace size. NOTE! This job is only available when running Oracle Enterprise Edition. Once a week  
Update of rowkey columns Incremental update of rowkey columns for tables not having rowkey enabled. Described in detail in Activate and deactivate rowkey. Recurringly at time periods of low system load. When full rowkey coverage is attained the job may be disabled. The job may also be run during planned downtime.