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Information Access Layer

The Information Access Layer, IAL, is maintained as an own Oracle User account, currently installed on the same instance as the Application Owner. This section describes how this Oracle User is setup in order to work correctly.

Install Information Access Layer

To install your Information Access Layer, no further action is needed than performing the prepare database step done in the IFS Cloud Installer. This process includes

  1. Setup of <IAL_USER> schema. The name of the user is defined in the  define.tem file, the default value is IFSINFO. The user password will be requested during processing.
  2. The user will be granted needed privileges.
  3. Some business logic will be deployed into the database schema.
  4. The parameter Information Access Layer (IAL) Oracle user in page Solution Manager > Setup > System Parameters page in IFS Aurena client will be set to <IAL_USER> .

Install or upgrade IAL Objects

This section describes how to install and upgrade the component dependent parts of IAL, the IAL Objects themselves. It requires that IAL has been setup (prior chapter). IFS Configuration Builder will create an IAL.tem (template file) for deploying all IAL files within a build. These files will not automatically be installed (because there is a manual step to setup the IAL). The required IAL-files need be manually loaded into the database. See the Configuration Builder Manual for information related to installation templates and location in the build structures.

Fresh installation

The IAL.tem, created by the IFS Configuration Builder, will deploy all IALs into the database.


No differences compared to fresh installation.

Additional Development

Refer to Developers Guide for a description on how IAL-Objects are developed.

Typically this means a skilled technician will develop the IAL Object or objects, load into the customer IAL.