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IAM Settings

The IFS Identity & Access Manager (IFS IAM) is managed through Solution Manager. From there, you can edit external identity provider configurations, custom client registrations and setup an email integration where users can be sent activation emails.

External Identity Providers

Setting up an external identity provider is the way to use something else than the integrated IFS IAM accounts in order to authenticate. The IFS IAM can support external identity services that implement the OpenID Connect specification. This includes such services as Microsoft Azure AD or Okta, but also many others. The information that is needed can be found by consulting the documentation of the identity provider in use.

Custom Clients

If an application outside of IFS needs to access the system, it may ned a custom client registration. These can be done in the IAM Client page inside solution manager.

SMTP Email Server

In this page, details of an SMTP server that can be used to send user activation emails can be submitted.