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Data Migration Conversion Lists

The conversion lists are used to change column values from an old value to a new value during the execution of a job. Conversion lists are connected to columns defined on migration jobs in Migration Job/File Mapping or Migration Job/Source Mapping.


Old Value New Value Comment
4370 AH All values '4370' will be converted to 'AH'
42% AC All values starting with '42' will be converted to 'AC'
4% All remaining values starting with '4' will be converted to blank (NULL-VALUE)
% AB Remaining occurrences will be converted to 'AB'.
If this line is omitted, remaining occurrences will keep their original value
%   All remaining values will be returned blank. This is very useful if this is a mandatory column, and your list should cover all possible combinations. Then you will get an error-message if you have missed out anything.

Conversions Lists are automatically included in export files (when you execute FNDMIG_EXPORT).