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Known Limitations

IFS Data Migration supports to move data from and to IFS Cloud. Technical Limitations and Architectural decisions taken when implementing this can make it impossible to associate in all instances.

Note: This page lists a number of situations that is important to be aware of in order to work efficiently with Data Migration tool. There are actually more situations that can be considered as a limitation than listed here.

CLOB Columns

CLOB type columns will not be supported in Data Migration Tool. Only capable of handling up to the max limit of VARCHAR2.

Custom Enumerations with default values

Due to a design limitation, it will not migrate data for a custom enumeration with default values using the procedure, INSERT\_BY\_METHOD\_NEW. As a workaround, kindly use both DB and client values for this.

Further.csv files which are opened using Microsoft Excel will cause the  "True" and "False" values to be uppercased. If the client values for the enumerations are Pascal case True and False, (Ex: FndBoolean) it will cause issues when migrating.  Please use a Conversion List and convert this to the correct case.

Job ID

1. The Job ID should only contain alphabetical characters, numbers and "\_".

2. no special characters are allowed.

additionally for excel migration jobs:-

3. The Job ID should not be longer than 22 characters.

4. Job ID should only start with an alphabetical character.