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Extra Configurations

Create User Defined Fields to Store Other Data

It is possible to create a User Defined Field in Data Migration Manager. This is useful if there is a need to store a value that doesn't correspond to any standard field in IFS Table. These fields are is only used during the Migration Work and will not be deployed into the Target Environment. This can be useful, in the Duplicate Check or PreDeployment process later. It will also be useful with Condition Based Transformation Rules that soon will be delivered. These definitions will be scanned during the target table creation.

Date Format

The valid date formats that user can use for the project and source configurations are specified here.

Default Definitions

Values used in the application enclosed in hash signs (Eg - #SYSDATE#) will be resolved and relevant value will be picked during runtime by referring the value function associated with that notation. The validity of the functions specified should be verified. Because this is a generic function this section is planned to be moved from the Project Basic Data to separate function within the Extra Configurations.

Default Definitions