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Custom Attributes

Custom Attributes are available in IFS Aurena. This includes Custom Attributes created as Custom Fields in IFS Enterprise Explorer. Custom Attributes are added to pages in IFS Aurena using the Page Designer.

Types of Custom Object Attributes

  • Persistent
  • Read-Only

Create a Custom Attribute

Steps to follow for all Custom Attributes

  1. Go to the  Entity Configuration  page in Solution Manager > Configuration > Entity Configurations.
  2. Select Configuration Entityfor which you want to create a Custom Attribute. You can either create a new Entity or search for an existing Entity.
  3. In the Custom Attributes section, add a new record to start the 'Add Custom Attribute' assistant to configure the custom attribute to your liking. For mote details see the sub sections on PersistentRead Only respectively.
  4. By default only the main view for an Entity will be extended with the new custom attribute. In some cases the Entity may have multiple views used by different application pages. In these cases you have to approve the relevant detail views manually.

    1. In the header section, follow the link  Approved Detail Views
    2. In the Approved Detail Views dialog, select in which additional views you want the custom attributes to appear.
    3. Approve at least one of the attributes and the Entity.
    4. Publish the Entity.
    5. Optionally add Translations to your attributes.

Add Custom Attributes to Application Pages

After your custom attributes are published, they can be added to application pages.

  1. Go to the page where you want to show the attribute.
  2. Open the Page Designer and configure the page according to your preference.