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R&D Core Projects

This project type should be used when working in a R&D core project. It gives you integrated support for: Subversion, JIRA, Jenkins, Local Application Server.

Typical Process

A typical development process in R&D could look like this: JIRA, SVN checkout, edit, deploy, test, SVN commit, JIRA.

  1. Selecting a JIRA Issue/Task to work on.
  2. Checking out code from Subversion (or updating previous checkout).
  3. Editing model, implementation code.
  4. Deploying to Database and/or Application server.
  5. Test to validate the change done.
  6. Commit changes to Subversion.
  7. Update JIRA Issue (can be at the same time as commit to SVN if done from DS).

Getting Started

Before you can get on with your work you need to open an existing or to create a new Developer Studio project.

Opening existing Developer Studio (DS) Project

If you use SilverBullet (or any other Subversion client, such as TortoiseSVN or the client integrated in DS) to check out a SilverBullet/Subversion project (not the same as a DS project), there is a chance that a DS project already has been created. When doing first checkout you will get a project folder containing a workspace folder and some other folders. If you find a folder called 'nbprojects', a DS project has already been created. To open, choose File > Open Project and selecting the checked out SVN root as 'File Name'.

Creating Project

  1. From the main menu in the main window, choose File > New Project. In the New Project wizard, select IFS R&D Core Project under IFS category and click Next.
  2. Setup Name, Location, and Target Version
  3. Setup Technologies
  4. Setup Databases
  5. Setup Services Layer (This step is only needed/available if Technology Services Layer is selected.)
  6. Click Finish to create the project.