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Editing PL/SQL CodeΒΆ

PL/SQL editor provides the following features for editing PL/SQL files

  • Syntax coloring.
  • Indentation and Formatting.
    The IDE indents lines as you type. You can format selected lines or the entire file by selecting Format in text menu action or by pressing Alt-Shift-F.
  • Code folding.
    You can expand and collapse any element in the PL/SQL editor. You can also expand and collapse child elements of an element too.
  • Palette.
    You have a palette in the IDE with some basic language elements that you can add into your code, by dragging and dropping items from the palette window into the editor window.
    The palette window can be found in the menu-toolbar, Window - IDE Tools - Palette.
  • Code templates.
    You can enter common code snippets by typing abbreviations for those snippets.
  • Code completion.
    A dialog box appears and offers possible ways of completing the expression you are typing.
  • Navigator window & source code navigation.
    Support for navigating through the source code of the current file as well as other files.
  • Annotations for errors/warnings.
    Editor Hints provided for problematic code and code not written according to the standards, where hints will have actions to correct/avoid it. There are two types of annotations. That is Generic Annotations and IFS Specific annotations.