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Grant StructureΒΆ

The Granted Permission Sets list and the Grantees list

The Grant Structure page can be used to manage Grant Structures for Permission Sets. Grant Structure can be used to build a structure of many Permission Sets, which can be used to give Users a Permission Set within the structure, depending on the required grants. All underlying Permission Sets functionality grants will then also be given to the User.

A recommendation is to include FND_WEBENDUSER_MAIN or FND_WEBENDUSER_B2B in the Grant Structure to ensure that IFS Aurena's required framework functionality always is granted to the Users.

There are two lists in the Grant Structure page. The Granted Permission Sets list shows the Permission Sets that has been granted to the current Permission Set. The Grantees list shows the Permission Set that is currently granting the Permission Set.

To view the detail page of the Permission Sets, use the View Details command and to view the structure, use the View Structure.