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How to Schedule Removal of SEPA Related Data

The purpose with this page is to describe how to configure a scheduled batch job that takes care of deleting outdated records in SEPA related tables.

When SEPA payments are processed, data will be created in SEPA specific tables. The created data will not be removed during the process. With time this data volume will grow and to avoid this, there is a task that deletes SEPA specific data. The task is scheduled during installation and will by default execute once a month.

Note: The delete task will only remove data that is older than one week. Removing this data does not harm the system.

Use this page when you want to learn how to configure the scheduled task that removes outdated SEPA related data.

Schedule Batch Process

As part of the IFS Cloud installation a scheduled task for deletion of SEPA related data is defined.

To view the scheduled task

  1. Navigate to My Administration / Scheduled Tasks / Database Task Schedules.
  2. Select Delete Sepa Information task in the list.
  3. Select command View Schedule to view details.

By default, the batch process is scheduled to be executed in the first day of every month at 07:00 A.M.

Edit Frequency and Date/Time

To edit the frequency as well as date and time for the scheduled job, use the Schedule group box.

E.g. let us assume that it is required to modify the execution frequency to a weekly schedule, with an execution each Monday at 05:00 AM.

  1. Edit Database Task Schedule page.
  2. Select Weekly radio button option.
  3. Select 5 AM as Time.
  4. Select Monday as Weekdays.
  5. Press Save.