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FSM Integration

The purpose of this page is to provide some specific configuration details needed to setup the connection between IFS Cloud and FSM server.

Setting FSM server endpoint

IFS Application needs to send data back to the FSM server. For that purpose, correct endpoint of FSM server needs to be set.
Login to IFS Cloud and correct routing address needs to be created in below location.

Solution Manager/Integration/IFS Connect/Routing Addresses will list all available destination addresses.

Query for the value ‘ Connect to FSM server ’ routing address and Click to Details…


  1. Specify the connecting URLfor FSM server and Instance, Example: http://<<host>>/<<FSM Instance>>/metrixintegrationservice/M5WebService.asmx/ProcessXML
  2. Add values for User IDand Password
  3. Press Save

Note: Can create different addresses depending on the requirement. One address needs to set as the default address.