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Configure Default Location

In each instance of IFS Cloud you must set the AIRPORT location as the default location. This default location is used for importing assets, technical records, or baseline batches. During installation the default value of ToBeUpdated can be updated to the airport location code for the instance. If it is not set during installation, you can set it as follows.

Set the same value for the default location in the Maintenix database and in Aurena:

  1. In the IFS Maintenix database, in the UTL_CONFIG_PARM table, for the DISCO_DEFAULT_LOCATION​ configuration parameter, enter the AIRPORT location code.
  2. In IFS Aurena, on the Manage Mx Config / Apps-Mtx Config page, edit the DISCO_DEFAULT_LOCATION​ property to add the AIRPORT location code.

For information on the location hierarchy, see the IFS Maintenix Administration Guide.