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Edit Input Details

It is often useful to be able to enter input parameters to a migration job. A way to achieve something like that with IFS/Data Migration is by using the window Execute Job/Defaults. Here you can change a jobs default values before starting the job. The main purpose of this function is to allow users that does not have access to change jobs through the Maintenance window to change default values before running the jobs that they have execute permission to. This also allows you to use same job to transfer data to i.e. different sites or different companies by running the same job twice or several times with different default parameters. On jobs with Direction 'Out', you can also enter a Default Where in order to fetch the correct selection of data for this job.


  • The migration job to be started must have been configured to allow change of one or more default values when running the job.

System Effects

Only columns that have the column Change Defaults set to "Allowed" in the Maintenance/File Mapping or Maintenance/Source Mapping tab will be shown in the Execute Job/Defaults window. Changing default values for a job will also change the default value that was configured for the job in the Maintenance window.


To change values before running a job:

  1. Query for the job you need to start in Execute Job.
  2. In the tab Defaults, change the value in the Default Value column to the wanted value, or add a value if its initially blank.
  3. Save your changes.
  4. Start the job. This can be done from the context menu by selecting Start Online, or by going to the Execute tab and select online, batch or schedule a time, and then choose Start Job from the context menu.