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Analysis Models - Custom Config - State Change Examples

This page provides some examples on Configuration State changes using the Tabular framework in the IFS Aurena client.

Examples on State Changes

Example 1

As a first example we will create a configuration on a base model and then modify an attribute on the highest level.

The IFS_SALES model is selected and then command Create Configuration is used to create a configuration,

Configuration Status has changed to Configured.

Navigate to the details page.

The model is in state Configured on the highest level while the details, e.g. expressions and tables, still have the state Base.

Now, if we edit the model, group Model Details, and e.g. change the Description and save, the state will still be Configured.

However, if a new edit is done where we undo the changes, the state will be set to Dependent. Still there are no status changes on the model details. The reason for this behavior is that editing affects a configured record and during save it is difficult to remove the configuration and go back to state Base.

To remove the configuration, use the Remove Configuration command button. The model will the go back to state Base.

Example 2

This example provides model details are configured.

The base model IFS_SALES is used in the example.

No changes are made on the highest, model, level.

The model table with identity SALES_MARKET is selected and navigation to table details is made.

A configuration is created on the ID column.

The ID column has the state Configured.

The table will get the state Dependent, meaning that there is a dependent detail level configuration.

On the model level the state is also Dependent.

Removing the configuration on the ID column, the state of the column will go back to Base.

The table has still state set to Dependent.

Use Remove Configuration to remove it.

The table SALES_MARKET now has state Base again but the model has state Dependent. It is also needed to Remove Configuration on the model level to set the state of the complete model to Base.