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Validating PL/SQL Code

Editor Hints are available for some common mistakes in coding. Actions to correct the mistakes are provided with the hint where possible. User can avoid the annotation by adding the ignore marker if the warning/error is not applicable.

There are two types of Editor Hints available for PL/SQL editor. That is, General PL/SQL Hints and IFS specific Hints

General PL/SQL Hints

General PL/SQL Hints are there for all users to give the general syntactic errors in your PL/SQL code. Under Tools -> Options -> Editor -> PL/SQL Hints, you can find the general PL/SQL Hints. You can enable or disable the Hints from there.

IFS Specific Hints

We follow additional PL/SQL Hints which is specific to IFS. These hints will make sure you follow the IFS standards for IFS Applications. You can enable or disable them from Tools -> Options -> IFS Options -> PL/SQL Hints