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Known Limitations

Application Configuration Packages do not support all kinds of configurations that can be made in IFS Cloud, nor all possible uses.

Supported Custom Object Types

There are many configurations that can be done in the system. Some of them are not supported by Application Configuration Packages. The Custom Object types that can be added to a package are the following:

  • Custom Attributes
  • Custom Enumeration
  • Custom Entity
  • Custom Page
  • Projection Configuration
  • Custom Event
  • Custom Event Action
  • Quick Report
    • Supported types: SQL Statement
  • Mobile Application
  • Navigator Configuration
  • Configuation Context
  • Queries (Query Designer)

The available custom objects listed in 'Add New Configuration Item'function in the Application Configuration Package page will show the configurations that are supported.

Removal of Custom Objects when importing a Application Configuration Package

When importing a package, the items defined in the package are imported to the target environment. There is no support for delivering a package that will remove custom objects that has been created by previous versions of the package and now are considered obsolete. Items that are obsolete needs to be manually removed in the target environment. The Export Comment could be used to provide such communication.


  1. Environment DEV defines a package "Cars" containing two enumerations "Engine Type" and "Vehicle Type".
  2. The package "Cars" is installed in Environment PROD.
  3. Next version of "Cars" developed in the DEV environment contains the enumeration ""Engine Type" and the Custom Menu "Check Engine Type". But the "Vehicle Type" enumeration is removed.
  4. Installing "Cars" in the PROD environment will update the "Engine Type" enumeration and add the "Check Engine Type" menu. The "Vehicle Type" will remain and still be in the package "Cars".

Approve setting will remain unchanged on Enumerations and Custom Entities after Import

A Custom Enumeration or Custom Entity that is already published cannot be set to "Not Approved" through importing. A Custom Enumeration or Custom Entity needs to be unpublished first in the target environment. When importing a Custom Enumeration or a Custom Entity as "Not approved" to an environment where it already exists and is published, it will still be "Approved" in the target system if after import.