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Print Jobs



When doing asynchronous printouts (e.g. scheduled and/or server side triggered printouts) a print job is created. This print job ends up in a print queue, which is polled/processed by one or several Report Formatters. Even if the print jobs in the print queue are processed in a FIFO (first in first out) manner it's not a pure FIFO approach. The reason is that several Report Formatters can be setup to poll the same queue and the Report Formatters can be setup to only process jobs bound for certain printers. The print queue can actually be several queues in one, but looking at one of these sub queues it is a FIFO process. Furthermore, since some print jobs takes longer to process than others, the fact that one job is picked up before another doesn't necessarily mean that they will finish in the same order. The print jobs and print queue can be monitored using the Print Jobs page.

Monitor Print Jobs Queue

Print jobs can be monitored on the Print Manager page.

Print Manager