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Routing Reports



You may want to Email, print or save the report or report data to disk locations. This is where report routing features comes in. You can redirect the generated report or report data to different output channels or destinations. There are several ways you can route a report:

  • Route Report based on Content
  • Routing through Connect
  • Report Rule Engine

Routing through Connect

Using the Routing through Connect feature the generated report or the report data can be Emailed or save to a disk location that you desire. For this you can use the predefined SEND_PDF_TO_CONNECT, SEND_XML_TO_CONNECT or SEND_FULL_XML_TO_CONNECT Logical Printers.

Report Rule Engine

You can use the Route To Connect, Send Email or Print To Logical Printer Action Type to send a generated PDF report as an Email, print to a Logical Printer or save to a disk location that you desire.