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External Tax Integration

The purpose of this page is to provide information about the integration between IFS Applications and the 3rd party products Vertex Sales Tax from Vertex Inc and Avalara Sales Tax and AvaTax Brazil from Avalara.

When to use this information:

Use this section when you want to install Vertex O Series, Avalara Sales Tax or AvaTax Brazil.

When tax on customer orders is calculated in IFS Applications, the default tax code rates in Accounting Rules are used. In for example US, where many different tax codes exist and the rates change frequently, the standard solution is not satisfying. The user does not want to change the rates manually every time the tax information has to be updated.

Vertex Inc. and Avalara are third-party vendors which offer products called Vertex Sales Tax (Vertex O Series), Avalara Sales Tax and AvaTax Brazil. IFS Applications provides an integration with these products. Vertex Sales Tax, Avalara Sales Tax and AvaTax Brazil keep track of valid tax information e.g. tax rates and perform tax calculations for the US, Canada and Brazil markets. The solutions are built as subscription services, where tax information is updated instantly in Vertex O Series. Tax information in Avalara Sales Tax is updated on monthly basis.

With the integration between IFS Applications and Vertex or Avalara, the user can rely on external tax systems for retrieval of correct tax information when doing tax calculations, without having to update any tax information manually. When a tax calculation is performed on e.g. a customer order, IFS Applications uses the integration to Vertex or Avalara to get the correct tax rates and also to let Vertex or Avalara do the tax calculations.

The components within IFS Applications that are affected by the integration are

  1. Application Services Basic data
  2. Accounting Rules Basic data and communication between IFS Applications and Vertex or Avalara
  3. Enterprise Basic data
  4. Customer Order