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Disconnected Operations Configuration

Solution components:

  • Maintenix, used for aviation maintenance. Must be configured before Disconnected Operations. See Maintenix (MXCORE).
  • Disconnected Operations Workflow Manager, used to export files from a source location (instance) and import files at a destination location (instance).
  • Technical Records Repository, used to store historical maintenance records. See Technical Records Repository Configuration.
  • Allowable Configuration, used by configuration specialists to update part group information. Changes are published to Maintenix in the Central Engineering Authority instance of IFS Cloud. See Allowable Configuration.

Multiple instances:

The Disconnected Operations solution uses multiple instances or installations of IFS Cloud, one for the Central Engineering Authority (CEA), one for the central Technical Records Repository (TRR), and separate instances for each Main Operating Base (MOB) and Forward Operating Base (FOB) that will export or import assets or updates.

The order in which you set up the CEA, MOB, FOB, and TRR instances depends on whether you have an existing Maintenix database:

  • New customers, with no pre-existing Maintenix database, set up the CEA instance first. You will load baseline data to this instance, then export a .dmp file to create the MOB, then load actual maintenance data to the MOB instance.
  • Existing customers, with a pre-existing Maintenix database, set up a MOB instance first. You will export a.dmp file to create the CEA instance, then delete the actual maintenance data out of the CEA instance.

Configuration tasks:

Before you configure Disconnected Operations, complete the configuration for Maintenix. See Maintenix (MXCORE).

Many, but not all configuration tasks are the same for each instance. TRR, in the tables below, refers to the TRR instance (there is a central TRR instance, but MOBs and FOBs have a local TRR also).

Complete the following configuration tasks CEA MOB FOB TRR
During installation, the airport location code for the instance should be provided for the DISCO_DEFAULT_LOCATION parameter. If this was not done, you must do it now. 
Configure Default Location
Set Defaults for Issue and Credit Accounts    
Configure IFS Connect for Disconnected Operations
Create Permission Set and Assign to Users
Set up Technical Records Repository  
Configure Time Zone
Location Hierarchy
Configure Baseline Batch Publishing      
Set up Allowable Configuration      

During installation, default values are set for batch transfer with assets, and technical record transfer.

After installation or at a later date, if you need to change the default values, see the following topics:

If you need to modify default settings CEA MOB FOB TRR
During installation, the default number of baseline batches transferred with assets, is set as 52. With baseline batches created on a daily basis by default, the value of 52 means 52 days worth of batches transferred with assets. You can change the number of batches transferred.
Configure Baseline Batch Transfer With Assets
During installation, the default number of days worth of technical records transferred in deployments or updates is 365 days. You can change the number of days.
Configure Technical Records Transfer