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Configure Baseline Batch Transfer With AssetsΒΆ

In full deployments, a number of baseline updates are automatically included in the export file when assets are transferred. By default, 52 batches are exported - the current batch number in use at the exporting location and additional batches counting back 51 previous updates.

If the default value does not meet your requirements, you can change the value during installation or at a later date.

The value set is the maximum number of updates that are transferred with assets. Initially, at the time of an asset transfer, there could be less than 52 batches in a system.

To change the default number of batches included with assets in full deployments, update the value in two places:

  1. In the IFS Maintenix database, in the UTL_CONFIG_PARM table, for the BASELINE_TRANSFER_WITH_ASSETS configuration parameter, specify a number for the parameter value.
  2. In the Aurena Navigator, go to the Manage Mx Config / Apps-Mtx Config page and edit the number value for the BASELINE_TRANSFER_WITH_ASSETS property.

The number of batches automatically transferred with assets is determined by these settings, but the time span covered in one batch is determined by how you configured baseline publishing. See Configure Baseline Batch Publishing.