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Allow LiDAR Media AttachmentsΒΆ

Distance measurement values can be recorded with the aid of LiDAR enabled devices and a screenshot of the measurements can be captured using the camera as well. To do so, your iOS device must have a LiDAR Scanner. To verify if your iOS device has a LiDAR scanner, visit the apple website and search for the mention of a LiDAR scanner in the technical specifications.

Media attachments for LiDAR are enabled by default. You can disable automatic media attachment for LiDAR captured screenshots by setting ALLOW_LIDAR_MEDIA_ATTACHMENTS configuration parameter to FALSE. If the parameter value is FALSE, the screenshot captured by the technician using LiDAR will not be attached to the relevant measurement record.

To allow LiDAR media measurements if previously disabled, go to the Application Parameters page in Solution Manager/Aurena Native Apps/Configuration, find the ALLOW_LIDAR_MEDIA_ATTACHMENTS parameter and set the Value to TRUE.