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Customer Solution Development


As a developer you will be interacting with the following main components of the solution;

IFS Lifecycle Experience portal

  • To get repository details of the customer solution.
  • To provision and access development and test environments that is required to carry out development and testing tasks.

Repositories hosted on Azure DevOps

You will be able to access 2 different repositories when carrying out your work;

  • Customer Solution - This will be the repository to which you will be committing changes.
  • Customer Baseline - This will be the repository to which IFS will be applying service updates of IFS Cloud. You will later fetch these changes and merge them to the Customer Solution Repository as and when required.

IFS Developer Portal

You will also interact with the IFS developer portal to download IFS Development tools that are required to develop the customer solution and access documentation and other content targeted for developers.

Prerequisites for the Developer workstation

The developer workstation must conform with the below prerequisites.

Operating System
Windows 10 64 bit- 1809 or later

Git Client
Oracle Client
IFS Development tools published in IFS Developer Portal

- Hard Disk - 2GB- 4GB free space is required to clone a single customer solution repository.