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Publish Package Reference

When publishing a package, each item in the package that is approved will be published. If the item is already published but not in sync, it will be synchronized. Not all configuration items have an approved and publish step. These are considered approved and published directly when imported.

Items requiring publishing

When importing ACPs through IFS Client, some configuration items are ready to use after import while some require a manual publishing step to be effective. This table shows if manual publishing is required for the configuration items that can be added to a package.

Item Type Publish/Synchronize Comment
Custom Attribute Manual  
Custom Entity Manual  
Custom Page Automatic Published when the Custom Logical Unit the page is connected to is published.
Custom Enumeration Manual  
Custom Events Manual/Automatic Manual if the Event does not previously exist in the target environment, automatic when it does. If an Event has an enabled Event Action, the Event will automatically get enabled when publishing the package.
Custom Event Actions Automatic
Quick Report Automatic Needs to be granted to users in order to be accessed.
Projection Configuration Manual  

However, this is not applicable when importing items through an installer delivery, where all items that are in approved state would automatically be published.

Publishing of Custom Attributes

When publishing Custom Attributes from the respective administration page, all attributes on that Entityt that are approved will get published. The situation is more complex when publishing an Application Configuration Package. When publishing a package that have Custom Attributes, other attributes on involved Entity may get affected despite that they do not belong to that package. The following situations can occur for attributes that are not part of a package being published, if there is an attribute in the same Entity which is in the package.

Approved Published Result Comment
No No Not Published  
No Yes Not Published The published attribute not belonging to the package will no longer be published!
Yes No Not Published The item is not published. The Custom Attribute is set as not synchronized
Yes Yes Published The item will be synchronized even though it does not belong to the package!