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Set up user as a TechnicianΒΆ

To set up a user as a technician to work with the Forward/Line Maintenance Aurena web and native applications, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to IFS Cloud as the IFS Application owner.

  2. If you wish to create a new end user to work as a technician, navigate to the User or Users page located in the Solution Manager folder and create the user. Alternatively you can assign an existing user who will work as a technician. To grant the permission set required for a technician to a new or existing user perform step 6. For more information see Users.

  3. Navigate to the Permission Set page located in the Solution Manager folder. Create a new permission set for the end user specifying details as you see fit but ensuring that the Type is set to End User Role. For more information see Permission Sets.

  4. On the record sub-menu on the left, click Projections and in the Granted Projections section, add the projections in the table below. For more information see Projections and Lobby Pages.

Projection Name Purpose of the projection
FlmAircraftTurnsDetailsHandling View details about an Aircraft Turn
FlmexeNavigator Navigator for Aviation Maintenance Aurena Screens for Technician
FlmFaultDetailHandling Manage Fault Details
FlmFluidServicingRecordHandling Manage Fluid Service Records
FlmMyAircraftTurnsHandling View My Aircraft Turns cards
FlmMyWorksHandling View and manage My Work
FlmTaskDetailHandling Manage Task Details
FLMaintApp Perform all actions on the Forward/Line Maintenance Mobile Application

If leveraging IFS Tooling in FLM, you may also see fit to add the projections below if the technician must analyze the tool demands against capacity and then reserve tools for tasks. If the technician should also be checking tools out of and in to the tool crib, they also need access to the projections in the Tool and Equipment (TOOLEQ) component detailed below:

Projection Name Action Component
FlmResourceAllocationGanttHandling Analyze Tool Resource Availability FLMEXE
FlmToolEquipmentCheckOutHandling View tools and equipment demands for FLM work tasks and check out tools for the demands. TOOLEQ
ToolEquipmentCheckInAssistantHanding Tools and Equipment Check In TOOLEQ
ToolEquipmentCheckInHanding View Checked Out Tools and Equipment and Check In TOOLEQ
TooleqNavigator Manage Navigator Entries for Tool Equipment TOOLEQ
ToolEquipmentCheckOutHistoryHandling (Optional) View Tool/Equipment Check Out History TOOLEQ
ToolEquipmentHandling (Optional) Manage Tool Equipment TOOLEQ
ToolsAndEquipmentHandling (Optional) View Tool Equipment TOOLEQ
  1. On the record sub-menu, click Lobby Pages and in the Granted Lobby Pages section, add the Technician Lobby. For more information see Projections and Lobby Pages.

  2. On the record sub-menu, click Grant Structure and in the Granted Permission Sets section, grant the permission sets in the table below to the permission set you created for the technician. For more information see Grant Structure.

Permission Name Description of permission
FND_REM_ASST_ENDUSER Required grants of all the end-user related Projections and Actions
FND_DSS_ASST_ENDUSER Required grants of all the end-user related Projections and Actions for Digital Signature
FND_WEBRUNTIME Required grants for IFS Aurena framework functionality
AURENA_NATIVE_RUNTIME Role needed for IFS Aurena Native End User
  1. On the record sub-menu, click Users Granted, and in the Users Granted section, add the user you created in step 2 or an existing user, to grant access to the permission set you created. For more information see Users Granted.

  2. Navigate to the Security Grants by Permission Set page and for the permission set you created, add the FLMaintApp security group. Additionally, to support attachments for faults, add the DocumentManagement and MobileObjectConnectionConfigManagement security groups. For more information see Security Grants by Permission Set.