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Badge is a client control that can be used as an eye catcher to show certain information on a page.


Figure 1 - Badge control with icon and text



When to use

Use a badge client control to display statuses, priorities or a counter.

A badge can be placed, instead of a regular field in a group, on selectors, cards, on lists etc.

How to use

Add the badge control inside a group, selector, card, or list.

list <list_name> {  
    badge <badge_name> {  


A badge is always read-only. To change a value displayed as a badge, use an action to change status, or a drop down where the actual values are displayed as badges.


Below is a list of properties that can be used to customize the control.

emphasis | icon | style | visible


Below is an example of how badges are used to represent different countries and team types

Badges example

Figure 2. Badges representing countries and team types.

list TeamList for F1Team {  
   label = "F1 Teams";  
   multiselect = [false];  

   field Name;  
   badge Type {  
      style = TextOnly;  
      emphasis Complementary1 = [Type = "Manufacturer"];  
      emphasis Complementary2 = [Type = "Private"];  
      emphasis Complementary3 = [Type = "Commercial"];  
   badge Country {  
      style = IconAndText;  
     icon = "flag";  
      emphasis Neutral = [true];  
   badge Active {  
      style = IconOnly;  
      icon = "circle-check";  
      emphasis True = [Active = true];  
      emphasis False = [Active = false];  

Example 1 - Badges representing countries and team types