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A Sheet is a card only component that shows a simple table of child data.



When to use

When you have am entity shown on a card and it has child records that you want to show some limited data from.

A sheet can only have a maximum of three columns.

How to use

The sheet is defined in the client file, but it needs an array defined in the projection file, see the card documentation for how to set this up.

Defining the client file

Defining the sheet

sheet <sheet_name> for <sheet_entity_name> {  

Adding the sheet to a card

  • When adding the sheet to the card, the properties visibility and label can be set.

card <card_name> for <card_entity> {  
    sheet <sheet_name>(array_name){  
        visible = [<sheet_visibility_expression>];  
        label = "<sheet_label_text>;  


  • A Sheet can only have a maximum of three columns.
  • A Sheet can only be used on a card.


Below is a list of properties that can be used to customize the control.

label | visibility


Check the examples in card for examples of sheets.