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Date Time Picker

The date time picker allows the user to select a date and time from a drop down calendar. This control is generated for fields with datatype date, time, or timestamp.

Date Time Picker - Date

Figure 1 - Date Time Picker - Date

Date Time Picker - Time

Figure 2 - Date Time Picker - Time

Date Time Picker - Date and Time

Figure 3 - Date Time Picker - Date and Time


The date time picker control is a variant of the Field.

When to use

The control will be generated in the client based on the data type.

How to use

Add a Field to the client file, the control will be generated according to the data type. If needed change the relevant properties

field <field_name> {  
      format = longtime; //For attributes with data type TIME  






Below is a list of properties that can be used to customize the control.

editable | format | label | size | visible


Consider the following code snippet from an entity:

//Example code - List of attributes in entity  
private      LateStart        TIMESTAMP            A-IU-;  
public       AccountingDate   DATE                 A-IU-;  
public       CreatedTime      TIME                 A-IU-;  

Based on the data type the appropriate control will be generated as outlined in the introduction.