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The signature control can be used to manually enter an actual signature using an input device.


Figure 1 - Signature Control


The signature control is a variant of the field.

When to use

A signature control can be used in the last step of an assistants for example, to verify that all steps are valid.


There are several limitations when it comes to using a signature control:

  • The control cannot be used inside a list, it can only be used within a section.
  • The control can only be used against an attribute where the datatype is long_text or CLOB and that is not mandatory.
  • The reason been, the signature control triggers a separate save operation and having the attribute as mandatory will prevent this.

How to use

Use the signature control as you would a field within a section inside the client model.

group <group_name> for <entity> {  
   signature <attribute_name>{  




Below is a list of properties that can be used to customize the control.

editable | label | size | visible


Below are some examples of how a signature control is used within an assistant and survey.

Example 1

Signature control used within an assistant.

group CustormerSignatureGroup for JtTaskSignature {  
   label = "Customer Signature";  
   signature MobSignature {  
      label = "";  

*Example 1 - Signature control used within an assistant*

Example 2

Signature control used within a survey.

group Signature for SurveyAnswersEntity {  
   label = "Signature";  
   signature PictureData {  
      label = "";  
      size = Large;  

Example 2 - Signature control used within a survey