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Radio button (radio group)

Radio buttons (radio group) is a client control that can be used to generate radio buttons from a enumeration field with few items.

Radio button

Figure 1. Radio button on mobile device.



When to use

Use radio buttons (radio group) client control instead of a field, when there are a few number of items in the enumeration field.

Radio buttons (radio group) can be placed on a group.

How to use

Add the radio buttons (radio group) control inside a group.

group <group_name> {  
    radiogroup <radiogroup_name> {  


It is advised to use the radio button (radio group) client control when there are less number of items. Radio buttons always show vertically one after the other. A radio group can only be generated inside a group, and is not allowed inside of a list.


Below is a list of properties that can be used to customize the control.

defaulttoprevious | editable | label | required | showlabel | size | validate | visible


Below are examples of editable and non-editable radio buttons.

Radio button example

Figure 2. Editable radio button.

//Example code for editable radio button  
   radiogroup VehicleEnum {  
      label = "Vehicle Type";  
      editable = [true];  

Example 1. Editable radio button.

Radio button example

Figure 3. Editable radio button.

//Example code for non-editable radio button  
radiogroup VehicleEnum {  
      label = "Vehicle Type";  
      editable = [false];  

Example 2. Non-editable radio button.