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Concepts and Layers

This document summarizes which concepts that is fully working with layers, concepts that are layered aware and concepts that right now is not aware of layers at all.

Layered runtime concepts

The concepts listed below are fully aware of Layers and they can handle both overrides and overtakes.

  • Application Models (IFS Developer Studio)
  • Business logic (PL/SQL)
  • Application Forms pages (forms, tables and dialogs)

Layered aware concepts

The concepts listed below is aware of Layers, but there is no possibility to override or overtake these concepts. The Layer awareness is handled by a Layer attribute that tells which Layer the concepts belongs to.

  • Translations

Concepts without layered support exists

The concepts listed below is not aware of layers at all right now. We hope that they will be aware of Layers in future releases.

  • Reports

Configuration concepts

Configuration concepts are created as the result of a configuration and are therefore not layered. A configuration might result in side effects creating other objects, one example of side effect is creation of Presentation Objects which is described more in detail below.

  • Tasks and Task chains
  • Quick reports
  • Custom Objects
    Custom fields, Custom Entities and Custom Pages
  • IFS Lobby
  • Business Reporter reports

Concepts creating Presentation Objects during configuration

Tasks, Quick reports, Custom Objects, IFS Lobby and Business Reporter reports is creating Presentation objects during the configuration of these concepts. Since these concepts is not at all aware of Layers, the Presentation objects created by these concepts are always created in layer Core. The Presentation Objects is also created as Manual Presentation Objects, meaning that they are not handled by the Presentation Objects repository files that are run during installation of a component. So if one instance of these concepts are created as a customization, we will not know that it is a customization and the Presentation Object will be created as a Presentation Object in layer core. If such a Presentation Object should be removed by mistake it should be recreated by installing/changing the object that created the Presentation Object.


Let's say that we create a Task as a customization the related Presentation Object will then be created during the installation/creation of the Task. The Presentation Object will be created in layer Core since the Task is not aware of Layers. The Presentation Object is created as Manual so it will not be affected by any changes in the Presentation Object repository file created by R&D e.g. for patch fixes. If the Presentation Object for some reason will be removed by mistake it can be recreated by changing the Task. If you do an export of your customized Presentation Object repository you will se the Presentation Object in the export for Layer Core.