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Demand Planning Localization

Language Dependent Files

The following files contains sections that must be translated to other languages, i.e. files not handled by IFS/Localization:

  • Demand.ins must be translated manually, this is the file where all the possible group fields are stored. The description of these fields should be translated.

Localization Notes

This product contains files (DemandClient.xml and DemandServer.xml) for client and server localizable texts.

Double byte languages

For double languages like Japanese, the fonts used in the demand plan client and server must be changed from something other than the default fonts. These fonts are changed from the registry. Here is the list over font name entries in the Client and Server.

Demand Plan Client

All entries are found in registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\IFS\ForecastClient\Fonts\. The fonts are:

Key name Default Description
ComboEditFont 14,MS Sans Serif Fonts used in combo-boxes
DetailViewFont 8,MS Sans Serif Fonts in detail view
DockableHeadingFont 12,Arial Heading font in dockable combos Horisontal
DockableHeadingFontV 12,Arial Heading font in dockable combos Vertical
LabelFont 10,Small Font Graph label font
LegendFont 14,Courier New Font used in graph legend
ListFont 14,MS Sans Serif Font in list-boxes
StandardFont 8,MS Sans Serif Font used in all dialog boxes
TabelFont 8,MS Sans Serif Font used in tables
ToolTipFont 14,Courier New Font used in tool tip

Note: that you also need to specify the charset for Japanese (128) in the registry, set the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\IFS\ForecastClient\Directories\TableFontCharSet equal to 128 instead of -1 which is the default.

Demand Plan Server

When running as a service there is nothing to change here. If you are running it as an windows application you can change the font settings in the Advanced Server Settings page in IFS Aurena


Default setting is 8,MS Sans Serif. Change to double byte you must select the fonts that match the language you are translating into e.g. Japanese fonts.).