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IFS-Remote Upgrade Process Documentation


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Steps to Upgrade IFS-Remote

1. Copying the new zip folder

In this step, you will have to copy the and to the folder that contains the current ifsroot folder.

2. Renaming old ifsroot

In this step, you will have to rename the current ifsroot folder as ifsroot-old or as suitable.

3. Extracting the new zips

In this step, you will have to unblock and through properties. Once you do so, you have to extract both. Then you will see the new ifsroot folder. Check if all the files are properly extracted into the folder.

4. Creating a new main_config.json

In this step, you will have to create a new main_config.json file by copying the ifsroot/config/main_config.json.template. You will also have to compare the newly created main_config.json with the ifsroot-old/ifsroot/config/main_config.json and copy over the values to the newly created main_config.json.

5. Re-running the main.ps1

In this step, you will have to re-run the main.ps1 with the new changes.

Refer to Initialize & Install steps in the Management Server - Documentation