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Remote Assitance

IFS Remote Assistance for Service and Maintenance is a merged reality solution blending a remote expert with another person to instantly diagnose, solve and validate issues. Remote experts can support customers, technicians or engineers in inaccessible locations, even from thousands of miles away. It means your experts can be anywhere, instantly.

This service is contained within the optional IFSREM component. All communication with the service provider is handled through the IFS remote assistance service. Both IFS Aurena web and Native users can use this service without any additional equipment.

How it works

The person in need of assistance starts a call to an expert or group. The Remote Assistance Service then initiates a call with these two parties. Once the call is established, the participants have the option of using merged reality which combines their video streams together to use telestration, your hands or even tools to show what needs to be done in order to assist the technician.

Outgoing Call

When a client initiates a call, a session will be created by the service provider and the session information will be sent to both caller and the receiver. The caller can use the received session information to join the newly created session.

Incoming Call

A receiver can join the existing session by accepting the call notification. Once both parties joined the session, the call will be established successfully.

Missed Call

If the recipient doesn't answer within 2 minutes, the call will be timed out.