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Tips & Tricks - using Conversion Lists

Quite frequently, we read data from external systems where basic data is not consistent with legal values in IFS. In these cases, we can define a Conversion List that transforms loaded values before it is updated into IFS.

Use Conversion Lists

In following example, the given data file is to create a set of users. IFS Appliation expects only TRUE / FALSE for Active. But some values in the data sheet for the Active column has given in unsupported formats.

In such scenarios we can create a Conversion List with the expected values. Make sure to add all possible occorances to avoid the execution time errors.

Now we can use this conversion list in any migration Job.

Create your migration job accordingly and choose the Conv List ID for the wanted column in File Mapping using the LOV.

When you execute the job, the loaded data will be converted according to the Conversion list given.