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Security Checkpoints in IFS Aurena

Security Checkpoints in IFS Aurena are defined in the projection layer. It is bound or unbound actions that can contain Security Checkpoints.

The following actions can have Security Checkpoints:

  • Projection Action (Unbound)
  • Entity Action (Bound)
  • Query Action (Bound)

Security Checkpoints in IFS Aurena supports both new Security Checkpoints created for IFS Aurena and Legacy Checkpoints. The concept in IFS Aurena is a combination of both these types of Security Checkpoints.

Security Checkpoints in IFS Aurena can be defined for an action by having,

  1. A new Projection Checkpoint
  2. A new Projection Checkpoint with one or more Legacy Checkpoints
  3. One or more Legacy Checkpoints

Creating Security Checkpoints for IFS Aurena is explained under Create New Security Checkpoint.

Enabling and disabling of these Projection and Legacy Checkpoints can be done using IFS Aurena's Security Checkpoints administration pages.

How Security Checkpoints Work in IFS Aurena

When a Security Checkpoint is created for an action, the metadata of the projection that uses this action will have Security Checkpoint details. The Aurena client identifies the Security Checkpoint for a particular action by getting checkpoint details from the client metadata.

If Security Checkpoints for IFS Aurena are globally enabled and a new Projection Security Checkpoint or a Legacy Checkpoints is active, when an transaction encounters a Security Checkpoint, IFS Aurena will then present a dialog asking the User to provide its credentials to proceed.

Security Checkpoints in IFS Aurena - Credentials dialog

The credentials will be send to OData Provider with other action parameters. The User credentials will be validated at the OData provider and if successfully verified, the Security Checkpoint will be opened and the action and the transaction will be executed. If the User verification fails, the action and transaction will not execute and will present an error message to the User.

Supported Authentication methods

The authentication methods that are currently supported for Security Checkpoints in IFS Aurena.

  • Pin Code

Web browser consideration

Web browser often has the functionality of saving Username and Passwords to enhance the user experience. This functionality can be counter productive for Security Checkpoints in IFS Aurena, since the credentials will automatically be pre-filled with the credentials stored by the Web browser.

Consider to turn off this functionality in the Web browser of choice for the Users if Security Checkpoints is going be utilized.