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Grouped Push User Filter

The Grouped Push User Filter defines the User groups used to collect, maintain and share the Grouped Push Entity data. Grouped Push Entities are used to synchronize the same set of data to a group of Users. The Grouped Push User Filter is associated with one or more Entities as shown in Entity Details based on the User Filter Name attribute.

The Grouped Push User Filters generate a list of Filters per Entity and per User that effectively group the Users used in the Grouped Push process. These Filters are defined by the database view specified in the View Name field with the user specified in the User Column Name field. The Entity related fields that are used as the where clause statements to create the filters are specified in the User Filter Columns tab.

When a User synchronizes for the first time a check of the generated Grouped Push User Filters is made. If the generated Filter for the specific App/User/Entity has been captured before by the Grouped Push process then this data will be returned in the synchronization process. If the generated Filter does not exist then the Grouped Push process will collect the data and return this in the synchronization process.

Note: The results of the Grouped Push User Filter configurations for an Aurena Native application are stored in a generated view named {App_Name} "_UFC" (where {App_Name} is the App Name field with an underscore added before every capital letter within the App Name field)

To maintain the Grouped Push data triggers are defined on specific tables which are shown in the Filter Triggers tab. The triggers are defined to fire on Insert, Update and/or Delete events. If the trigger is to fire on an Update event then the Column Names will be used to identify which field changes should trigger an Update to the Grouped Push data.

The User Filter Columns tab shows the allowed combinations of column values per User to be used to filter the Entity data associated with the Grouped Push User Filter.

If there are multiple columns defined in a Grouped Push User Filter then they will be combined using an AND operator.

Note: If there are no rows returned by the Grouped Push User Filter for a specific User then no data will be returned

See the Aurena Native Framework Synchronization Guide and/or the Troubleshooting Aurena Native Apps for more information.